Why Sky Tutor

Sky Tutor is a unique tool that brings a community of learners and tutors together. We have highly qualified tutors who scored nothing less than A's in their subjects and currently involved in tutoring.

Sky Notes is a unique tool in South Africa that is assisting learners from high schools to gain access through a community of learners and tutors that they normally would not have been able to gain access to. This is online, internet based learning assistance. The best part is that the learner does not need to leave home and travel, and with Sky Tutor get assistance within 48 hours instead of waiting a week.

All learning assistance is done on the website portal. The assistance is provided in the comments and reply section for each subject. Learners and tutors are able to upload voice recordings of explanations or images/ pictures when assisting the learner Only in extreme situations and with the parents consultation, will our tutors extend support through whatsapp telephonic or whatsapp video interaction.

We do understand that some learners have different needs and styles of learning and comprehension and so we do not claim that this medium of online tutoring and learning will replace face-to-face and one-on-one tutoring.

We noticed that learners are in a perfect position to assist their peers as they often understand the gaps that their fellow learners may face as learning obstacles. And so their explanations take on a new method to get their message across. The assistance provided may assist where a learner doesn’t understand a particular step, method or process for any of his registered subject.

Should a learner require personal, private communication with a tutor, we will arrange this also. This is done on the Sky Tutor portal.  When engaging with tutors learners will be shown and explained methods, formulas, steps,etc. to a solution but never given the answer.

We will assist to the best of our ability to upload all past exam papers for all grades for June and end of year exams. These can be found under the resources tab.Study, time management and nutrition tips are also found on the portal.We will load tests for all subjects to test the learner’s knowledge as they go along.

All Your Subjects that we are focusing on currently

Please note that the below subjects are high school subjects from Grade 6 to Grade 12. We will focus on other Primary school grades should requests arise.

Math Core and Math Literacy Grade 6 to Grade 12 


Grade 6 to Grade 12 


Grade 6 to Grade 12 


Grade 6 to Grade 12 


Grade 6 to Grade 12 


Grade 6 to Grade 12 


The Process

  1. Note that the monthly subscription provides assistance with only the subjects registered for.

  2. You will register once but have access to all subjects that you registered for.

  3. Once you register you will be redirected to an account page that has your profile info. On this page you will find the payment details.

  4. Once payment is received, you will be registered and good to go.

  5. Each subject is divided into Sections and Lessons. The Sections will be the relevant grade for that subject e.g. Grade 8, and the lesson will be the lesson for the grade. We will load all lessons per subject for the term, to the best of our ability.

  6. Now for the important part. Once you need assistance, access the Subject, then the relevant lesson and post a question in the comment field. Should you not find the lesson, then post the question in the last lesson that is created for all lessons that are not created.  Once you post a question and a tutor replies, you find the reply immediately above your question and all replies thereafter. Or, you can find your replies automatically sent to your e-mail address.

  7. Tip: before sending a question, search for the solution or similar questions first in the TAGS or archives. This will speed up your time for getting access to a solution. Some learners may have asked the question before.

  8. Please feel free to send all requests or ask for more info at admin@skytutor.co.za

  9. Don't forget to read the terms and conditions.

Membership Fee

Monthly membership per subject
R225/ month/per subject
Take advantage of this membership fee now. All learners that register from 20th July 2019 till 4th August 2019 will pay a monthly fee of R155 per subject for the next 3 months till end October 2019.
Thereafter it goes up to R225 from 1 November 2019 and monthly thereafter.
All learners joining after 4th August 2019 onwards will pay R225 per subject and monthly thereafter.