Terms and Conditions of Membership

Welcome to Sky Tutor. This is an online learning assistance portal for all learners on the CAPS curriculum.

We aim to assist all learners as soon as possible as the question is logged. Depending on the volume of assistance required from learners, our tutors maximum turnaround time to render assistance is 48 hours.  This is with the exception of Saturdays and Sundays where we cannot guarantee any timelines for assistance.

For us to be able to assist all learners comprehensively we will only allow 4 questions per subject per week. This means, as an example, that you can ask 4 questions for Math and 4 for English. So make your question count.

Please look out and search for any previous solutions to the question that you have before you post the question. We suggest that you don’t leave questions till last minute especially when learning for tests and assignments.

Please use the search field to search for possible previous solutions to your questions. This will assist you in a quick turnaround for you being assisted.

It is important that you start all questions with: “I don’t understand…..”

Once you have logged the question, please look out for the reply solution in the comment thread of the same subject that you logged the question. Alternatively an e-mail will always be sent to your e-mail address with the reply. Make sure that you don’t reply and communicate via e-mail.  Always reply or comment on the portal.

If you did not fully understand the solution in the reply then it is our intention to assist you until you fully understand. Feel free to reply as often as you can with the same question that you originally logged with what the gap in your understanding is.

Note that you are not to share your login details for other users to use. This can lead to termination of the agreement.

By registering on Sky Tutor you agree to not engage while, using this portal, in any act/ behaviour towards any learner that may be deemed insulting, prejudicial, embarrassing, threatening or against the spirit of this portal. No vulgar language or obscenity will be allowed.

This portal is to be used for the sole purpose that it is designed for. There will not be any social communication. There will also not be any sharing of your personal information or any other person’s information whether they use this portal or not. The only info that you will be permitted to share of yours is your e-mail address. If you still feel that you don’t want to share it publicly with registered learners then send us the info to admin@skynotes.co.za and we will share it as per your request.

Anyone found to be misleading or disrupting the intentions of Sky Tutor and its learners will be removed without notice immediately. Only a representation from the parent or guardian will be entered into thereafter.

No uploading of copyright material in its entirety.


Membership is payable in advance. If no payment is received by the 5th of each month, then the membership is terminated. Membership is reinstated once payment is made and proof is mailed to admin@skynotes.co.za . No refunds will be done once you have paid and registered at any time during the month, or at any time during the month should you need to cancel the membership.

Please mail admin@skynotes.co.za should you need any urgent assistance on a Saturday or Sunday.

This portal is used primarily as a learning assistance platform. Sky Notes does not take any responsibility for the learning advancement and effectiveness of the learner.